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You are now part of the Renewable Energy Revolution!

At Eco Green Experts we want we want people all over the UK to be a part of the Renewable Energy Revolution making the move to home renewables.

Whether it’s out of concern for the environment, an effort to cut fuel bills, or a desire to have the latest technology, many householders are living lower carbon lives by harnessing natural resources for heat and power.

A third of UK electricity was generated by renewables in 2018, up an impressive 10% from 2015. While this will partly be down to larger scale wind and solar farms, the systems we choose for our own homes can alsohelp mitigate the immediate problem of climate change.

At Eco Green Experts we guess you like your old inefficient boiler replaced, apply today for your FREE boiler grant. You may qualify under the Government’s ECO scheme in 2020 you work han in hand with Eco Boiler Experts who help you through the process.

At Eco Green Experts the service is completely free to use, we organise your grant and complete your installation as fully accredited and certified home heating experts. A boiler grant is a non-repayable free or subsidised boiler replacement.


Thank You For Your Application!