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How are ECO Grants Calculated?

How are ECO Grants Calculated?

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At Eco Green Experts we guess you like your old inefficient boiler replaced, apply today for your Heat Pump grant. You may qualify under the Government’s ECO scheme in 2020 you work han in hand with Eco Green Experts who help you through the process.

At Eco Green Experts the service is completely free to use, we organise your grant and complete your installation as fully accredited and certified home heating experts. A boiler grant is a non-repayable free or subsidised boiler replacement.

How are ECO Grants Calculated?

How are ECO Grants Calculated?

The way that Central Heating GrantsBoiler Grants, Storage Heater Grants awarded under the Affordable Warmth Scheme are calculated is complicated to say the least.

Factors dictating the amount of your ECO grant include:

  • The type and size of your home
  • How many bedrooms it has,
  • Whether it has cavity walls or solid walls
  • How well it is insulated
  • The type of heating system installed
  • The product to be installed

Property types are classified as:

  • Detached houses
  • Semi-detached houses
  • End-terraced houses
  • Mid-terraced houses
  • Detached bungalows
  • Semi-detached or end-terraced bungalows
  • Maisonettes with 3 external walls
  • Maisonettes with 2 external walls
  • Flats with 3 external walls
  • Flats with 2 external walls

The following factors will generally result in higher ECO grants:

  • More external walls. For example, a detached house normally has 4 external walls, a semi-detached house 3 external walls and a mid-terraced house just 2.
  • More bedrooms. A four bedroom semi-detached house will attract a higher grant than a three bedroom semi-detached house.
  • Larger homes (by volume) attract higher grants than smaller homes.
  • Properties with solid walls attract higher grants than those with cavity walls.
  • Badly insulated properties attract higher grants than those which are well insulated (cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing are taken into account).

Taking account of all of the factors which can affect your ECO grant, there are over 10,000 different permutations.

Affordable Warmth Scheme Long Term Savings of Carbon Emissions

Your Affordable Warmth Scheme grant calculation will produce a figure which approximates the long term savings in carbon emissions you will achieve over the lifetime of your new heating system or insulation, by having it upgraded. The greater your long term savings in carbon emissions, the higher your grant.

The main driving force behind the ECO Scheme is to reduce carbon emissions from the domestic housing stock in the UK. This can generally be best achieved by improving the energy efficiency of large badly insulated buildings with off-gas heating systems. It is no surprise then, that this type of home attracts the highest ECO grants.

Once the ECO grant for your home is calculated it is compared to the cost of replacing your boiler or electric panel heaters to determine how much, if any, your contribution will be.

If you require a more detailed explanation of the calculation of the ECO grant in your particular case, you need to speak to the accredited installer who is dealing with your ECO grant application.

The Affordable Warmth Scheme provides funding to replace broken mains gas boilers.

ECO funding also pays for a FREE SURVEY to establish whether you qualify for the scheme.  The amount of your boiler grant will depend upon the type of property you live in, how many bedrooms you have and several other factors.

If you qualify for a boiler grant, Affordable Warmth Scheme funding will only cover the cost of replacing the central heating boiler and a limited amount of pipework. It does not cover full heating systems, radiators, pumps or control systems.

If additional work is required, you may be asked to pay for this.  Also, because of the way boiler grants are calculated, your Affordable Warmth Scheme grant may not cover the full cost of your boiler installation and a contribution may be required.

If this happens in your case, you can refuse to contribute (but the work may not be carried out), negotiate a lower amount with the installer, or even apply again to get another quotation from a different installer. We advise you to consider your options with care.

First time central heating grants are only available to home owners and tenants in privately rented homes which have never had a central heating system fitted before.

How are ECO Grants Calculated?

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