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Air to Water Heat Pump

Air to Water Heat Pump

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At Eco Green Experts we guess you like your old inefficient boiler replaced, apply today for your Heat Pump grant. You may qualify under the Government’s ECO scheme in 2020 you work han in hand with Eco Green Experts who help you through the process.

At Eco Green Experts the service is completely free to use, we organise your grant and complete your installation as fully accredited and certified home heating experts. A Heap Pump grant is a non-repayable free or subsidised boiler replacement.

What Is A Air to Water Heat Pump

Air to Water Heat Pump

Air to water heat pumps take heat from the outside air and transfer it to a water-based system. The created heat can be used for space heating or as a hot water supply for the house. Air to water heat pumps are among the most efficient air source heat pumps on the market.

This type of heat pump works best in moderate climates. The efficiency of an air to water heat pump is most optimal at 7°C, as opposed to dry and cold locations, where outside temperatures fall below -20°C. Keeping the working principles of an air to water heat pump in mind, the decline in temperatures will affect the operating efficiency.

In climates with very low winter temperatures, ground source heat pumps may seem a more suitable choice, as they extract heat from the ground and perform well in freezing cold temperatures. However, the technology developments for cold climate heat pumps using the air to water principle, are said to cover heating needs even with a low temperature set point of below -25°C.

Choosing the right heat pump depends on the needs of the house. An air to water heat pump, as well as the other types, have one important advantage in common — they produce renewable energy, as the ground or air are technically heated by the sun. Both air to air and air to water heat pumps use a similar operation model.

Considering the pros and cons of air source heat pumps, they are still more efficient than an old gas or oil system.The air to air type circulates warm air using fans and can only be used for space heating, unless combined with an external heating system.