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First 10 Things You Should
Know About Gas Boiler Grants

10 Things You Should Know About Gas Boiler Grants

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At Eco Green Experts we guess you like your old inefficient boiler replaced, apply today for your Heat Pump grant. You may qualify under the Government’s ECO scheme in 2020 you work han in hand with Eco Green Experts who help you through the process.

At Eco Green Experts the service is completely free to use, we organise your grant and complete your installation as fully accredited and certified home heating experts. A boiler grant is a non-repayable free or subsidised boiler replacement.

10 Things You Should Know About Gas Boiler Grants

10 Things You Should Know About Gas Boiler Grants

The ECO Scheme provides gas boiler grants to help low income households reduce their heating bills.

Millions of home owners are struggling to pay their heating bills in the UK and one of the biggest reasons is that their homes have old, inefficient or faulty boilers or poor insulation. The ECO Scheme can help people like you if you receive one of the qualifying State Benefits, Tax Credits or Allowances, by offering Gas Boiler Grants and Insulation Grants.

Gas Boiler Grants are funded by the main energy companies.

Large energy companies place a levy on every domestic electricity bill in the UK and the money collected is diverted into the ECO Fund. Accredited ECO installers are paid out of this fund to install free gas boilers or subsidised gas boilers in homes where householders qualify for Gas Boiler Grants.

Gas Boiler Grants are still available after September 2018.

The old version of the ECO Scheme ended in September 2018 but a new one, ECO3, started in October 2018. Qualification criteria for gas boiler grants has changed to exclude private tenants but to include recipients of far more benefits and allowances than before.

Which other grants are available from the ECO Scheme?

ECO Scheme grants include Gas Boiler Grants Electric, Storage Heater Grants, Cavity Wall Insulation Grants and Loft Insulation Grants.

Which makes of Gas Boiler are paid for by Gas Boiler Grants?

Most of the recognised makes of gas boiler can be installed under the ECO Scheme but our installers tend to install either Worcester Bosch or Vaillant Gas Boilers.

You must be a home owner to qualify for a Gas Boiler Grant?

Only householders who live in their own homes will qualify for gas boiler grants. Unfortunately, if you rent your home or it is owned by your local council or a housing association, or it is a shared-ownership home, you will not qualify for a gas boiler grant.

Gas Boiler Grants are only available for homes in England, Scotland and Wales?

Gas Boiler Grants from the ECO Scheme are only available for householders who live in England, Scotland and Wales. We cover all of mainland England, Scotland and Wales.

Are Gas Boilers installed free of charge under the ECO Scheme?

Sometimes, yes. Your gas boiler grant may cover the full cost of installing a new gas boiler but the calculation of gas boiler grants is different for every home. Factors which affect the value of your gas boiler grant include the size of your home, how many bedrooms it has, how many external walls there are, whether it has solid or cavity walls and how well it is insulated. In short, the greater the reduction in carbon emissions you achieve (over the lifetime of your new boiler), the higher your gas boiler grant will be.

Who qualifies for Gas Boiler Grants?

To qualify for a gas boiler grant, you must live in your own home AND receive one of the qualifying State Benefits, Tax Credits or other Allowances AND have a broken mains gas boiler installed in your home. More information about gas boiler grant qualifying criteria can be found on the Qualifying Criteria page.

How do I apply for a Gas Boiler Grant?

It is easy to apply for a gas boiler grant, simply fill in the form on this website and we’ll arrange everything else. If you’re not sure whether you qualify or not, still complete the form, we’ll call you back to advise you and answer any questions you may have about gas boiler grants. ECO Accredited Surveyors will carry out a free heating survey and GasSafe Registered installers will install your new gas boiler.

10 Things You Should Know About Gas Boiler Grants

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